Moody Hues

I know, I know. I sound like a broken record. . . Except I don’t say it enough, really, to employ that cliche. Still, I am sad, sorry, sickened and a whole bunch of other words beginning with S at how I have let this blog go. That’s where the broken record bit comes in with promises of how things will be better and I am truly hoping they will be.

And with London’s Design Festival happening around me, what better way to reacquaint myself with my readers, this space and {soppy, I know}, my dreams. So I am getting right back on that horse and immersing myself in my first love: DESIGN.

Today, just to gently ease my way in, it’s dark wall colours because I bloody love them. They’re calm, moody and pack a whole lot of design punch. Since I last graced you with my presence, I have moved. I now live in a house. A whole house and I am in love with the space and its diversity but I am, ever so slightly, paralysed, by indecision about what to do; how to decorate. I am quite certain, though, that dark walls are my way forward. That and Design Junction tomorrow evening.

Until then enjoy dark walls and, just between me and you, – dark walls and floor and ceiling or just one of the above? Answers below, please. I’m for all out darkness which, I guess, makes me one hell of a moody Hughes.

Above images from here and if you want a little more moody hues check out this home – happens to be a nearly neighbour (I’m ten minutes away-okay?) and someone who runs a pretty darn fine vintage homeware’s shop.

Heal’s SS15

Heal’s has always been a powerful and pioneering design force and each year seems to take on that force, twist it slightly, and rewrite the rules. Last year it was a craft focus looking at the individual designers and makers and offering something delicious and quirky. This year it’s simplicity, vintage, antique and graphic and that’s really not doing it justice.

As I walked into the Spring/Summer 2015 press launch, two things caught my eye, almost, simultaneously. The first was the white. Goodness. It drew me in and left me feeling dizzy but not in an overpowering way. No, no. It was so clean and simple with clear lines and just a haze of white perfection.  Philip Starck’s Misa Joy chair looked perfectly at home amidst a sea of white and worked wonderfully too. It’s a customisable chair that comes with fifteen elastic bands that act as the backrest. The photos above show white bands, of course, but there is a plethora of colours to choose from. Also, Gemma Kay Waggett’s supreme printing skills were appreciated as was the delightful notebook I made away with. Her printed cushions and her Nothing But Navy shop, all newly discovered, will help me sort my Christmas present out as well as help me while away many an hour simply perusing the beauty of navy which I feel ( in-a-finger-on-the-pulse- only-slightly-late-kinda-way) is the new black!

My favourite thing about this morning, though, was the vintage posters. Some 70 posters were discovered during the Heal’s renovation process and these beautiful images have been reprinted and will be sold as part of the SS15 collection. Ever the historian (at least wannabe), the idea of happening on such a delightful piece of aesthetic history thrills me. Each image is timeless in its depiction and advert while also nodding to bygone eras. And all would and could sit comfortably in my new home and I reckon Mr AmericanLondoner should take my screaming hint and procure when available!


Happy Thanksgiving

Being married to an American means I have an, almost, innate longing for the celebration that is Thanksgiving. Not being American, however, means it is a perpetual struggle to fully comprehend the enormity and, indeed, brilliance of this holiday. One cannot argue with Abraham Lincoln’s notion of a day of thanks which, I think, we can all learn something from. After all, Thanksgiving is free of religion and presents the opportunity to celebrate with loved ones and to celebrate in a wholly indulgent manner. I love it. And in honour of today, here’s some beautifully decorated tables to help you get in the giving thanks mood.

We’ll be attending our first proper Thanksgiving party in years at our friends’ house. And it is set to be truly awesome ( see how I used a quintessential American word?!?)

Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy!

Images from here, here, here and here.