How Do I Love Thee? Mid-Century Modern, please!

Just under a year ago I commenced Operation De-Ikea-Flat which, ultimately, meant I felt smug enough to consider myself some sort of expert on furniture and the mere sight of my Ikea Easy Chair or Ikea kitchen table made me feel a failure. My first move was to purchase a new kitchen table. And I did so  from a grotty, (but treasure trove, honest) makeshift shed almost opposite Victoria Park Road and very, very close to Andrews Road in Hackney and it cost mere pennies. I loved it and stripped it and felt quite the accomplished lady. That wasn’t enough, though. I had had the first taste of something new; something different; something other than flatpack and I needed more, quickly. My next move was a canny one. I went straight to eBay to research a new armchair. I had only one stipulation; it had to be fairly small. Okay I wanted a project too and something that came with a pleasant price tag. How was I to know that I would discover this beauty? She was, incidentally, my first introduction to German(or should that be French?–jury’s still out)Cocktail Chairs. I found many; some freshly upholstered, some on their beautiful, last legs but it was this one from Osi Modern that truly stole my heart. And eBay is still awash with many more. As are places like this. Take a look. They’re worth it.

Yesterday was all sea blues and fleeting birds and my own project but this one, is perhaps, so much more important because it makes me live better, everyday. Sounds ridiculous, I know, especially considering it’s a sprung chair and I have a five year old who is quickly compressing those springs so that soon (it’s wretched) it’ll sag. The bright side? I can upholster it in a year or so. And so begins the search for new fabric, or maybe I’ll use what’s there already.

And you know what, I still love Ikea. Always will.


8 thoughts on “How Do I Love Thee? Mid-Century Modern, please!

  1. *swoon* Your chair just told me he wants to live in America. New Jersey, to be exact. (tee hee!) Simply gorgeous, my dear…I can’t wait to see what else you create! Cheers! 😀

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