How Do I Love Thee? Swedish en masse!

Operation De-Ikea-flat is still fully operational and the primary aim has remained in place. That is, until a boiler breaks down and one has to get a new, combi boiler and this, in turn, frees up space in the kitchen and a whole range of possibilities present themselves in quick, high definition, succession. The demise of said boiler resulted in gaping hole and while the very nice plumbers left all the tile bits with instructions for filling in and painting, I heard none of it and instead felt it presented me with an opportunity to acquire an entire new kitchen. That was February! Since then we’ve been researching. It’s important, you know. Bypassing many a cheaper option, we arrived at Ikea. Today. One can never, incidentally, visit Ikea, without a multitude of obligatory non essentials and today these gorgeous green bottles were mine.

And I think they mingle and interact well with the ever so lovely Understated Glory. A charity shop find and something that, initially, induced childhood nightmares because this little nest of tables was something my mother would have swooned over and my grandmother would have owned, by the bucketload! Regardless I bought them and here they are. I believe they are siblings, if that doesn’t seem too odd! That gorgeous top is vintage wallpaper from the very wonderful Spinster’s Emporium. I love utilising things that already exist and feel this little, Understated Glory, wears the vintage wonderfully. Like Snapshot of Home, they’ll be up for sale in my Etsy shop, when I get it organised. After my kitchen…


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