How Do I Love Thee? With a view, please.

Boarding a Greater Anglia train from Hackney Downs Station is never something to celebrate. It’s a strange station, slightly isolated, and a place that never truly complies with your travel needs. That said, though, you can be lucky enough to board a fairly old fashioned carriage and be transported (literally) to bygone eras and such a carriage presented itself to me, yesterday. Potentially unexciting, I know. Unless, of course, you have a five year old son who adores trains so much so that even when you travel without him, you can’t help noting the finer details of individual trains and that’s how the above photos happened. The train was old, or at least seemed it. Neatly laid out in one long row on each side, allowed for a whole wealth of photo opportunities. While trying, but failing, to capture the seats, I ended up with the above. They remind me of a 1950’s television set. A world viewed through a box with a tantalising promise of something new and vivid.

And wouldn’t it look good on a piece of fabric?

And then on a balloon back chair…


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