How Do I Love Thee? With a good coffee and a swish chair, please!

Any cafe with a garden is a winner and so it was with the promise of said garden, we set off to sample the new cafe, Brew For Two on Morning Lane, Hackney. That first visit was a few weeks ago and was thoroughly enjoyed by all despite only having coffee and having to listen to a litany of complaints, from my son, about the audacity that was, lemon in the water. All in all, though, our first foray into the cafe was a blur, a nebulous experience with intermittent glimpses of some pretty wild fare. And that coupled with the fact that the interior was pretty phenomenal too, made us go back.

Now I do love a good coffee and am very familiar with the cafes in Hackney and each have something to offer both in terms of style and menu and Brew For Two is no exception or maybe it is the exception. There’ll you find fabulous food, wholly recommend the Turkish omelette and the Turkish summer breakfast. The thing about Brew For Two, for me, was the design. It’s made up of an eclectic mix of chairs and tables but their unifying factor (always has to be one) is they’ve all been upcycled in a variety  of complimentary colours and fabrics. I spoke to the owner and he informed me that the entire place was designed and created by him and his cousin who is doing an MA in art. Brilliant stuff.

There is one complaint, mind, and that’s the damn sun which, rudely, got in my way as I photographed some of the chairs. Above you can see a selection of these and don’t they look good despite that pesky sun?  See, I like (I think I’ve mentioned) the evolution in upholstery. I like how an old chair can be covered in a totally contrasting and unexpected piece of fabric to give it a completely new purpose. I especially like the first and third coverings. The first giving a nod to colourful Scandinavia and the second is, perhaps, an unexpected twist on a traditional toile. The last chair doesn’t look like it’s been recovered but it’s a well seat (spot the slight dip in the centre) so will need upholstering at some point in the future-  a project for me, maybe? Suggestions aside, this place just looks so perfect and is teeming with a multitude of gloriously upcycled/repurposed goods. All in all Brew For Two serves good food in an atmosphere that is truly lovely. And best of all, it’s given a new lease of life to some furniture that, perhaps ordinarily, wouldn’t have been given a second glance.

Ps. that last picture, a shelf full of Animalympics goodness, looks super. And just above are a couple of lovely illustrations by Hendrik Wittkopf, the illustrator behind Animalympics. Go check them out and enjoy.


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