How Do I Love Thee? With another formal introduction!

Is everyone sitting comfortably, then it’s time to welcome Pitch Black into the room. Okay so technically speaking she is a combination of Farrow and Ball’s Pitch Black and Down Pipe. I mixed. Not sure why I did but I do love the result. This was my very first piece of re-purposing. Street finds had been “done up” before but Pitch Black was a far more formal affair. She was bought. I even haggled over the price (okay so my husband did — point is there was haggling involved!) Interestingly she was a dressing table, initially, but it never suited her so was whisked away. She means a lot to me because I really took a long time considering and planning and working on her. The drawers are covered with maps of London a little nod to where I live plus I wanted a splash of the unexpected. She too is for sale and will be, if I ever get round to studying the postage and courier prices, up on my Etsy shop.



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