How Do I Love Thee? With adequate applause, please!

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a little obsessed with coffee; good coffee to be precise. Making the best coffee at home has become something of a hobby; perfecting the technique of frothing the milk or getting just the right amount of crema. Even my son, at two years old, could easily mimic the sound of our bean grinder the way other two year olds can rattle off animal impersonations. And now he can identify and discuss, at length, good crema. He’s five. And yes we take full responsibility for his slightly unorthodox upbringing. The point is he is well used to frequenting a multitude of wondrous cafes while I feed my coffee and interior addiction. And so it is with a nod to both of those requirements, I shall introduce you to the wonderful Tina We Salute You and please spare a moment to allow for adequate applause.

This place is great. The food is delicious, the coffee perfect and they do a killer babycino  (complete with marshmallows) for the wee folk in your life. I’ve only ever had the breakfast pide which is a toasted piece of heaven with egg mayonnaise (shouldn’t work but it does), ham, rocket and some cheese. They do a vegetarian version too and are happy to accommodate when it comes to preparing smaller portions (again for the wee folk in your life). As much as the food and coffee, of course, is an utter delight to experience, it’s the atmosphere that I love. The place isn’t big but all the furniture works in a retro-wonderful-way. The Eames Rocker is a winner. A joy to sit on plus it always poses perfectly, bathed in a sea of sunshine.

Our last visit was one of our best, possibly. See the thing with Tina We Salute You is their rolling art exhibitions/installations. From the get go the people behind Tina wanted to promote local art. And this they most certainly do. Currently showcasing Tom Jennings’ Nose Show the cafe is decked out in an array of… noses. They come in all shapes and sizes and serve as an interesting and witty piece of aesthetic. Mind you, I use aesthetic, lightly. And that’s not a criticism. The show, as Art Wednesday say is based on the childish notion of sticking noses on things because it’s funny. And you know what? It is. You get to take a nose with you and you can snap a photo of your chosen schnoz in whatever place they end up.

Tom Jennings’ “Nose Show”
Our “nose” eerily hanging out.

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