How Do I Love Thee? With springs, please!

Doctor Who magazine (for my five year old) in one hand and flat white in the other, it was definitely back to my upholstery studio. I use “my”, loosely, though. It’s not mine, sadly; just the place I go to learn and work, a little. But it’s a fabulous space full of chairs in varying states of dress and in varying forms. Some look fabulous others awful but each one has its own distinct offering and for that I have to say I love each and every one.

The chair above is part of a set of two and was made, approximately, around 1900-1910. Although they’d sit perfectly in a dining room of that era they are, most likely copied, from a far more esteemed or prestigious design. Goes to show that reproduction Eames RAR I’ve been lusting after, isn’t actually, the design faux pas many might label it as… Ahem, I digress. The chairs belong to a friend but we’ll call her the “client” in this instance because a) she sort of is (work with me here) and b) doesn’t it sound good?

The last image showcases the chair pre stripping. Not wholly offensive and quite comfortable to sit on. That said, though, they were both delicate and suffering from a loosened joint, or two. Once stripped, foam, a second cover and some seaweed (quite typical during the Victorian era) were found and discarded. And now, they’re coming back to life. There’s a lot of stitching and teasing needed but my “client” has chosen her fabric and it is perfect; a perfect contrast to the staid velvet that would have been stylish at the time. And she’s nearly ready to be unveiled…


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