How Do I Love Thee? With an &, please!


Photo via here

I heart ampersands

Photo via here

elegantly shaped ampersands

Photo via here

i irrationally love ampersands

Photo via here

Style: Eleven Awesome Ampersands  This Wooden Ampersand Letter by EdiesLab = all kinds of cute! Via Etsy

Photo via here


Photo via here

Ampersands and Tags

Photo via here

Who doesn’t love an ampersand? I do and I love what it represents. The symbol is a fusion of the phrase and per se and (used at the end of the alphabet) which eventually, when slurred (who wouldn’t?), became the term we know today.

And on that note, I shall bid you all a glorious weekend. I’ll be heading here on Sunday and can’t wait to peruse, admire and gawp. I will, incidentally, be going with my very good friend who gave me my very first piece of this!


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