How Do I Love Thee? With a brand new post!

It’s been an age since I last visited this corner of the inter webs; a year, almost and what better way to reacquaint myself with you all-  introduce this phenomenal new book, it all started when the days seemed quite plain by Sarah Carne, a talented and rather lovely artist. The project, as much as the final result, is a fascinating view into the world of art or not. I say not for many reasons but mostly because the book captures, in a wonderfully striking manner, how art is everywhere and in a constant state of flux, empowering the reader through its surreptitiousness.

Each artist was asked to make and record an artwork, in secret, in their place of work and each has emerged with a wholly different response to the initial instructions. The book showcases the responses in a challenging manner urging the reader to interact with the art and not just their art; all art and in all its guises.

To put it best, the book is an experiment and one that “bridg[es] the gap between work and practice” and allows for much quiet development. It will, I think, change again and again with each new perspective being placed on it which proves, ultimately, that it works.

So, people, go check it out by contacting Sarah here.


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