How do I love thee? With a touch of Farrow and Ball paint…

As I sit and email in the gloom of London today I am reminded of this bureau I “upcycled” a year ago and thought it high time it make its first public appearance. I suppose,  mostly, this bureau has prompted me to consider what this little ol’ blog space is for. Actually that’s a lie, a blatant one at that but one I hope you’ll excuse. You see the bureau represents what Dissemble Design used to be and while I am still working on what it is (a good writer allows for unrestricted development and one that runs, almost, parallel to the author’s intent…) I do know that I have an ever increasing amount of wondrous posts to share with you. And I am excited to get started in introducing you to some wonderfully talented artists, makers and designers. And so it is with the help of Miss Milliment (for that is the bureau’s official name) that I invite you to jump on board Dissemble Design’s magical journey…

Ps Miss Milliment is for sale and, for those interested, has been painted in Farrow and Ball’s fabulous Arsensic paint and she’s been decoupaged in Marimekko wallpaper. Check the Facebook page for details.


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