How Do I Love Thee? WIth a little helping of 119!

Nestled comfortably on a busy junction, 119 is proof that a lot of design wherewithal and a generous helping of bravado can work with a tiny budget. 119’s proprietor, Erica, has taken on a light, airy space in an otherwise unattractive building and made it her own. The openness of the space, thanks to the glass front, is carried throughout the premises. Inspiration comes, directly, from the location starting with the utilisation of glass serving dishes, mimicking the central focal point (the massive window) and finishing with the website and loyalty card design being a gentle nod to the other focal point- the pedestrian crossing and traffic beacons.  Good design is in the details and 119 has oodles of them.

The space works because of those details. Furnished with some well appointed Eames chairs in a subtle (but right on trend) shade of grey and some vintage finds as well as some wonderful benches (and the countertop) made by Erica and her husband out of oriented strand board, the result is an interior that is clean, fresh and open. At length the cafe is a tight piece of cohesive design and always inviting. And as if that wasn’t enough, the coffee is simply perfect.

119 also hosts an array of rolling exhibitions, currently showing the work of Portuguese artist, Sara Westermann, and has even more fantastical things lined up in the coming weeks so keep an eye out and check/like the Facebook page for more splendid details!


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