How Do I Love Thee? With A Helping Of Midcentury Show East.

I was lucky enough to visit the Midcentury Show East in Haggerston School on Sunday. It always promises to be a splendid affair full of the most wonderfully curated furniture, objets d’art and lighting and Sunday’s show certainly didn’t disappoint. From the outset, a phenomenal experience was guaranteed and even the large, well coiffed, dog (waiting patiently for his master outside) added to an atmosphere rife with enthusiasm and full of the promise of style.

Once inside, the busy hub of activity, at the door, ebbed away and was replaced by an equally busy but far more ethereal experience giving rise to a plethora of unique pieces. Each stand offered something different while sticking firmly to the brief of fabulous.

And the school, where it all unfolded, was the perfect backdrop for such an event. Designed by Erno Goldfinger, the school, both its interior and exterior, reflected the furniture and pieces on offer. Goldfinger was a pioneer of the modernist movement and his design reflected the offerings on the day.

Being in the school and chatting to some truly wonderful folk made for a very pleasant Sunday. In fact I met so many people, all experts in wholly different areas, that I am devoting a second post to them. So please join me for more insights into the show and lots more photos and details.


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