How Do I Love Thee? With a little unloved upholstery…

So, I love upholstery. And I love London. What’s more if you put the two together you can, potentially, be surrounded by a lot of haphazard furniture. Not the beautiful kind that is, also, readily available but the slightly jarring kind comprising of rotten armchairs with stuffing oozing out or sofas, like the one above, slightly naked without its top cushions. Or worse still, stained mattresses that hide, I think, a multitude of sins. One word springs to mind, anthropomorphic! They resemble human beings and seem to offer us a story; an idea. In addition, all these hideous (shhh, let’s say it quietly) forms are fundamental elements of London as much a part of its rich tapestry as the fantastic art, design and music scene. The same can, of course, be said for any big city. New York (bed bug outbreak) and Philadelphia offer a lot too especially in the fact that, often, the goods on offer just need a little bit of TLC and hey presto, you’ve bagged yourself an awesome deal and can pat your frugal/creative/innovative self on the back. Don’t laugh, I have done it. Everyone loves a nifty bargain. But, I am not interested in that. No, no! What intrigues me is the unloved and cast aside items. The ones that are so hefty and still end up in the most obscure of places. Like the sofa above, annoyingly sticking its bright red tongue out, taunting us or berating us for our lack of care. This sofa, spotted along the River Lee, en route to Hackney Wick, has inspired me to start a series about all those interesting pieces of furniture that are, as it were, left out in the cold. Join me every Friday for a glimpse into the world of unloved and abandoned… Sounds cheery!

Happy weekend to one and all.


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