How Do I Love Thee? With awesome people: Vikki King

Last week I was lucky enough to spend an afternoon with one awesome lady, Vikki KIng. Bias aside (she’s a fabulous friend), Vikki is a talented lady with a background to make most of us incredibly envious. After studying at The London College of Fashion, Vikki worked as a fabrication artist on a variety of impressive shows and movies. From Harry Potter to The Royal Hunt of the Sun to His Dark Materials and much, much more; her repertoire is immense and her gift, dazzling. When I met her last week she was kind enough to show me around her studio and talk work, both past and present, and show me some photos of projects she has been involved with in theatre and in the interior design vein. I loved seeing her back in 2001 busily working and discussing her plans for what’s next. Best of all, though, was being in the presence of her and her kitten, Willow Ninja, who chilled the whole time I was there.

Vikki doesn’t have a website (but it’s coming soon [I cannot wait]) and if you wish to contact her about a potential project do so through here.


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