How do I Love Thee? With more awesome people…Bronagh Kennedy

Last week I braved the elements in the wake of St. Jude’s storm and journeyed into Craft Central to meet the wonderfully talented artist and photographer, Bronagh Kennedy, in her lovely studio in Clerkenwell. We chatted about work and Bronagh’s background and she showed me lots of her lovely images.

London’s vivid scenery is the starting point for Bronagh’s creations and her work is full of the iconic and recognisable but the best bit: the twist in the view. She plays around using various digital techniques to produce wholly new images that, while still recognisable, subvert the familiar and allow for something a little playful and a lot lovely. She showed me some new images that she is “having fun with” and we talked about how and why she ventured into this brave new world of art.

Always a keen artist and creative, Bronagh started her professional life as an Urban Planner and after eighteen years decided to leave to concentrate on a more hands on career. Initially it was jewellery but soon photography took over. Urban planning and renewing is at the heart of her work and one can clearly see her influences are firmly ensconced in her current work of cityscape representation. She spoke, at length, about the layers of urban texture one can witness springing from the derelict and the grotty. And this can be seen in her work, in her eye for detail, in the lines and in the playful twist.

You can contact Bronagh here and visit her at the next open studios, Made in Clerkenwell at the end of the month. It’s sure to be fabulous so I urge you all to go and take a peek…


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