How Do I Love Thee? With some Dusty Fingers Vintage, please

Bonfire night played host to yet another spectacular Dusty Fingers Vintage event at the Round Chapel right here in Hackney and it was awesome. I chatted to so many people; so many awesome people and marvelled at the most spectacular array of vintage goodness. The space was awash with a plethora of finds from the upcycled gorgeousness of Mini Magpies to the beautifully curated retro attire of Mero Retro right down to some just plain scrumptious (and beautifully presented) preserves from Ma Russell’s. Also enjoyed was the magnificent Brookes and Jones baked delights and fabulously monochromed goodness from Ingo Kraftchenko. The Round Chapel was full of an energy that nudged folk into chatting and allowed them take advantage of one pretty cool fair that offered some truly stunning opportunities to shop, gather and enjoy.


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