How Do I Love Thee? With a decent helping of The Cloth House!

It feels like eons ago now but last Wednesday myself and the lovely Vikki wandered along to Soho and the ever wonderful treasure trove that is The Cloth House, (No. 47 to be precise [there are two!])  We were met with the most tantalising array of fabrics and detail. Although The Cloth House is just that– a place to procure a wonderfully wide selection of fabrics, it offers more. No. 47 is styled to perfection with the colourful fabric taking centre stage while also gently nodding to bygone eras and capturing the present market to perfection. It is a shop to spend hours viewing buttons and feathers and ribbons and a whole lot more.

And The Cloth House just doesn’t look pretty, oh no! Founded in 1984, its philosophy is simple. It adheres to a policy of tradition and while travelling the world to source the most appealing goods, works hard to maintain close relationships with the textile traders and craftsmen. Just wonderful. Sustainability and goodness all rolled into one nifty package.

We love it but go see for yourself.


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