How Do I Love Thee? With Dubious Unloved Upholstery!

It’s Friday and that means Unloved Upholstery… I have mentioned that it’s unsurprising, really, to stumble upon a diverse range of abandoned furniture in varying states of dress because it’s a city. Hell, it’s London and that’s synonymous (I’m sure) with dumped treasure in plentiful supplies. That’s why I started this series. Part experiment, part documentation and a lot of perplexity. And it is with that in mind that I introduce this mattress, firmly nestled, in this tree. It’s mind boggling and Jennifer Ross’ comment, on the first Unloved Upholstery post, sprang instantly to mind. She mentioned seeing a mattress up a tree and I think we both thought, in some sort of joint superiority, “how ridiculous!” So I feel blessed to have “stumbled” upon this. But, that said, I have a feeling, a very strong feeling that it’s all intentional. It’s too perfectly displayed and there’s a  CCTV-esque bird sitting watchfully alongside. Dubious, interesting and ironic, no?

Ps, the last photo sat, almost, at odds on the wall right beside the tree and its mattress advertising a Hallowe’en extravaganza and my son became quickly enthralled by it. I loved the clean lines and vivid colours which seemed to be the antithesis of the tree and its precariously placed mattress. If anyone can shed some light on said mattress, I would greatly appreciate it.


Happy weekend!



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