How Do I Love Thee? Modern Shows, Dulwich Style!

Where does one begin after an afternoon spent perusing some wholly spectacular wares? Modern Shows hosts a variety of shows throughout the year for the unsuspecting public to feast their eyes on. I say unsuspecting, I hasten to add, in the most positive sense because the shows do more than simply show, instead they showcase and create a world where time stops and design transcends all. The show offers all the usual breathtaking collections but each stall offers something, just slightly, disparate. It could be in the styling, the colours or the eye of the dealer but each and every stall holds the key to a new wonder. The striking Dulwich College hosted Sunday’s show and was the quintessential backdrop in which to sell, buy and enjoy. The main halls were awash with keenly chosen specimens and the building’s halls and corridors offered smaller, more niche supplies ranging from textile loveliness to witty prints.

Dulwich College simply tingled with excitement from the beginning to the end of the fantastic day and I found myself drawn towards all the textiles and prints on show which is why I need to devote one or… ten extra posts to all of that gorgeousness. In the meantime, though, enjoy the photos and set aside some time to peruse the websites belonging to the folk featured above… Vintage Unit, WEMM, The Modern Warehouse and so much more.

It was an event so carefully orchestrated that one can’t help feeling imbued with some invisible sense of fulfilment and I certainly can’t wait for the next one.


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