How Do I Love Thee? Modern Shows with a bit of a Waffle

Okay, so Ciara McGarrity, the woman behind Waffle is pretty extraordinary and that’s not just because she is a fellow Irish cailin (although it helps)! Ciara’s work  really stood out at Sunday’s Modern Show for its solidness. Stumbling upon her stall, comfortably nestled in the corner of a busy walkway bustling with excited buyers, felt very natural. Her work is natural. Its unique while also being comfortable, easy and just plain gorgeous.  To quote Ciara’s website her products “celebrate simplicity and the quality of the product.” And that’s just it. Waffle’s design practice is based around the material and respecting its inherent beauty. Using tapestry wool, rayon weaving yarns and  jute threads, Ciara then embellishes, by hand, to create a striking effect that works in the most careful of ways.

The best bit: (there’s always a best bit) her vouchers. Vouchers often leave one feeling a tad unloved. They scream I couldn’t be bothered but not Waffle’s voucher which offers something wholly different. Sure you get the voucher but it doubles, aesthetically, as a piece of art in itself. She includes samples galore that nudge you in the right direction. Pretty awesome. And pretty obligatory…


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