How Do I Love Thee? With awesome people: Georgia Sawers

I feel like there needs to be a drum roll to build up some splendid tension to properly introduce, Georgia Sawers whose work is simply, awesome. She describes herself as humorous, colourful, bright and urban and her work screams all of that and more.

Based in Hastings, Georgia is still very connected to her London roots maintaining connections to Stour Space and its shop by selling lots of her gorgeous designs there. We met at the cafe where we chatted, at length, about art, kids and London living and when it is right to leave. Her stories of Hastings certainly left me feeling intrigued and hungry; hungry for a new (and less urban) adventure.

London versus the-rest-of-the-world aside, Georgia’s work is appealing in a beautiful sense but, simultaneously, it appeals because of its bravado. It is loud and comical and it begs to be noticed. Each image works its way in makes you fall in love over and over again.

It was a pleasure to sip tea in the company of this phenomenal artist. And it was wonderful discussing old style art compared to internet led art and all that encompasses… We NEED to do so again. In the meantime follow Georgia on Artfinder and enjoy.


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