Moody Hues

I know, I know. I sound like a broken record. . . Except I don’t say it enough, really, to employ that cliche. Still, I am sad, sorry, sickened and a whole bunch of other words beginning with S at how I have let this blog go. That’s where the broken record bit comes in with promises of how things will be better and I am truly hoping they will be.

And with London’s Design Festival happening around me, what better way to reacquaint myself with my readers, this space and {soppy, I know}, my dreams. So I am getting right back on that horse and immersing myself in my first love: DESIGN.

Today, just to gently ease my way in, it’s dark wall colours because I bloody love them. They’re calm, moody and pack a whole lot of design punch. Since I last graced you with my presence, I have moved. I now live in a house. A whole house and I am in love with the space and its diversity but I am, ever so slightly, paralysed, by indecision about what to do; how to decorate. I am quite certain, though, that dark walls are my way forward. That and Design Junction tomorrow evening.

Until then enjoy dark walls and, just between me and you, – dark walls and floor and ceiling or just one of the above? Answers below, please. I’m for all out darkness which, I guess, makes me one hell of a moody Hughes.

Above images from here and if you want a little more moody hues check out this home – happens to be a nearly neighbour (I’m ten minutes away-okay?) and someone who runs a pretty darn fine vintage homeware’s shop.


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