Happy Thanksgiving

Being married to an American means I have an, almost, innate longing for the celebration that is Thanksgiving. Not being American, however, means it is a perpetual struggle to fully comprehend the enormity and, indeed, brilliance of this holiday. One cannot argue with Abraham Lincoln’s notion of a day of thanks which, I think, we can all learn something from. After all, Thanksgiving is free of religion and presents the opportunity to celebrate with loved ones and to celebrate in a wholly indulgent manner. I love it. And in honour of today, here’s some beautifully decorated tables to help you get in the giving thanks mood.

We’ll be attending our first proper Thanksgiving party in years at our friends’ house. And it is set to be truly awesome ( see how I used a quintessential American word?!?)

Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy!

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How do I love thee? With striped everything, please!

Many years ago an ex colleague told me that stripes (we’re talking the horizontal variety)make one look wider and therefore indicate a non existent heftiness. This was all said because a third colleague (and very good friend) was joyfully sporting stripes (yup, horrifyingly, the horizontal breed) all through her pregnancy. Obviously, this bestowed a whole new meaning on stripes and heft and one I had never contemplated before. And you know what? I liked it. Loved, in fact. It was probably some childish rebellion but ever since, I have become, somewhat, obsessed with stripes. And proudly decked out my pregnant belly in all manner of striped attire. For some reason it felt right, not to mention good.

I love stripes. Take a peek into my wardrobe and you’ll spy far too many stripy pieces. Watch me shop and you’ll witness me, instinctively, heading towards stripes. Obviously this little, ahem, obsession has extended into interiors and design. I have become so infatuated with them that I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to the glory of said feature and would love to kit my entire house out in a mono-chromed haze of stripes.

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How Do I Love Thee? Lying gracefully on a vintage daybed!

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If Carl Jacobs is my new design hero then it is, I feel, obligatory to have an old design hero and try as I might I can’t quite condense that into one solitary figure. In fact the list is perpetually changing and shifting and while no one ever leaves it, some take precedent over others, at least, temporarily. I digress. I think it is obvious that today I am bombarding you with a wealth of gorgeous daybeds. And daybeds, I’ll have you know, have taken up a lot of my time of late. Not one to complain about having to peruse endless lists and images pertaining to any sort of furniture, I am slightly miffed that I cannot make a definite decision as to which daybed I like best. The one thing I can say is I like them a whole lot more than sofa beds…
Living in a two bedroom property has meant that we needed to procure a sofa bed; a third distinct area of sleeping should we happen to have guests. I remember the research that went into that and the budget we set aside. Now we have a bigger budget, more refined tastes and slightly different priorities. I dream of a floating sofa, one on legs that can offer extra storage options (should you choose) or, perhaps, the illusion of more abundantly thought out space. That dream develops quickly into envisioning how my white floors would look with more of them on show and, at length, daybeds are so elegantly unassuming and have the wherewithal to never intrude upon one’s sensitive design preferences. So, I want one. But which one?
Until recently I had ruled out an Ercol Studio Couch. My mind is slowly changing especially with the right upholstery and surroundings. Yes I do love but am not convinced it’s right for us which leaves me with a finely edited list comprising off Robin Day, Thomas and Greaves or Guy Rogers. All of these conform to one unified principle and that is, they are daybeds but that’s where it ends. Each style is subtly different and it’s my job, now, to ponder over which suits best. The ones that fold down or the ones that need only have the backrest removed. Some come with ingenious hidden storage, others don’t. And some have arm rests, one arm rest, upholstered arm rests or open arm rests. A dizzying amount of choice. I am inexplicably drawn to open arms (sense of space issues…) but that’s as far as my decisiveness goes.
Time is being wasted in extreme ways as I meander through a daily onslaught of online images, some new and offering to be my new sofa; others have graced the virtual pages longer but still, it seems, beg me to buy them. And yet I feel when the right one comes along, I’ll know immediately. It’s like marriage, an excellent analogy I think you’ll agree, and I am happy to wait! So until the right one does come a long, and sweeps me off my lovely white floors, I would love to hear from you, dear readers. What do you prefer or can you introduce me to a new, mysterious brand I haven’t yet discovered?