Moody Hues

I know, I know. I sound like a broken record. . . Except I don’t say it enough, really, to employ that cliche. Still, I am sad, sorry, sickened and a whole bunch of other words beginning with S at how I have let this blog go. That’s where the broken record bit comes in with promises of how things will be better and I am truly hoping they will be.

And with London’s Design Festival happening around me, what better way to reacquaint myself with my readers, this space and {soppy, I know}, my dreams. So I am getting right back on that horse and immersing myself in my first love: DESIGN.

Today, just to gently ease my way in, it’s dark wall colours because I bloody love them. They’re calm, moody and pack a whole lot of design punch. Since I last graced you with my presence, I have moved. I now live in a house. A whole house and I am in love with the space and its diversity but I am, ever so slightly, paralysed, by indecision about what to do; how to decorate. I am quite certain, though, that dark walls are my way forward. That and Design Junction tomorrow evening.

Until then enjoy dark walls and, just between me and you, – dark walls and floor and ceiling or just one of the above? Answers below, please. I’m for all out darkness which, I guess, makes me one hell of a moody Hughes.

Above images from here and if you want a little more moody hues check out this home – happens to be a nearly neighbour (I’m ten minutes away-okay?) and someone who runs a pretty darn fine vintage homeware’s shop.


It’s all about the chairs…

Being a fan of all things Scandi ( my son’s name is Frey; it’s Norwegian!), I am drawn to the Oslo Muuto Chair which is quitessentially Scandinavian. Its minimal, its sleek and it packs a real aesthetic punch sitting (no pun intended) somewhere between functional armchair and sofa it is just a little different and a lot lovely. And seeing as I am on a quest for some new furniture for my new house I think my other half would agree the Oslo Muuto chair is an absolute obligatory purchase…


Images from here, here, and here

How Do I Love Thee? All askew!

Askew indeed, please. I love solving problems and coming up with a winning solution. Actually, scrap that. I don’t. In fact I hate problems for fear I might actually have to use logic and a ruler to solve them. Rulers, especially, can bring me out in a cold sweat and this is why I failed so miserably at a furniture design course I began a few years ago (see my About–illuminating, if anything!) Yup accurate measurements elude me a little. My nightmares include my woodwork tutor screaming “illegal, Paula!!!” It became the perpetual mode for her, sadly. And yes, I did, I think, do a lot of so called illegal things like using an engineer’s square incorrectly and then, at length, cutting too little or too much timber (walnut to be precise which is, I hasten to add, pretty expensive stuff!) Embarrassment goes hand in hand with that year so much so that when I happened upon the above stool, I proceeded with trepidation.

Anxiety aside, for the moment, I bought this little lovely off eBay. I have learned to love her so hold back your criticisms for the moment. She may be listening. I digress, it (her personality developed later) was advertised as an oak stool. It’s actually pine (a design crime) and was stuffed with something akin to dog hair. Why that’s so terribly horrific I don’t quite know because I use horse hair, a lot, and although it causes some sneezing, it’s soft and nice and really is a luxury item for our derrières but dog hair with an intermittent feather, or two, just induces repulsion, no? It gets worse, though. Once stripped, it fell apart and was upholstered with screws — people, we use tacks, dainty 10mm tacks to protect the wood, not screws. The thing is, once I happened upon all this awfulness, I felt connected to the person who made and covered it. They had done it, how shall I say, illegally, and I sure was used to that and for all the problems surrounding this (delightful?) piece how could I not fall in love and do my darned best to bring her (see, that personality is emerging) back to life. She’s all askew in the images above but what do you get when you put it all together? Come back Monday and I’ll be happy to formally introduce her.

Until then, happy weekend.