It’s all about the chairs…

Being a fan of all things Scandi ( my son’s name is Frey; it’s Norwegian!), I am drawn to the Oslo Muuto Chair which is quitessentially Scandinavian. Its minimal, its sleek and it packs a real aesthetic punch sitting (no pun intended) somewhere between functional armchair and sofa it is just a little different and a lot lovely. And seeing as I am on a quest for some new furniture for my new house I think my other half would agree the Oslo Muuto chair is an absolute obligatory purchase…


Images from here, here, and here


How Do I Love Thee? With a slice of Tube Design history, please!

I hereby label myself as the WORST. BLOGGER. EVER. So there. I love this little space I have carved out and I love the idea of continuing to carve but it just doesn’t work like that. But it will. From now on!

And to mark this momentous occasion I am introducing one of my beloved design heroes, Harry Beck. Londoners, you know him well through his phenomenally iconic Tube Map design. And although his story isn’t an easy one, his concept of a map that, didn’t necessarily, show geographical distance but, instead, read easily and looked good, is brilliant and one, I think, we certainly adopt today.

The best bit? Beck is from Leyton. E10. Soon to be my home. There you have it. Design, apology and news all wrapped into one little (fabulous [*wink, *wink]) package!

How Do I Love Thee? With a slice of HAM!

So, I’ve been distracted of late. Amongst other things I’ve been teaching and not getting time to peruse, discover, seek out and explore. And I have missed it. A lot. But what better way to gently ease my way back into the awesomeness that is Dissemble Design (one has to project positivity…), than to introduce HAM, a fantastic place to find some beautifully simple and enormously appealing home ware. I met HAM and its leading lady, Jo Robinson, eons ago at a Modern Show and have been meaning to post about its meaty goodness ever since. I love the cute designs and although cute, there is a seriousness to them and one that could happily become part of my household… Check em out today!